October 2009

Big Daddy Minion Is On The Prowl For A House

Which has me completely distracted (LOL). Being a smart Rainer, I asked two smarter Rainers to rep the hubby. :-)

I believe in hiring professionals and getting the hell out of their way once I retain 'em and ask for help. When we are done it is going to be a mad fun blog post. The whole team is from Club Chaos, so, need I say more? (LOL)

Our mortgage broker is a Rainer too, but he barely blogs so I'm mentoring him. He's already working on multiple AR referrals from me and I can't imagine using someone else for my family's project because Dude can close in less than two weeks if you give him what the underwriter needs. I have a need for speed 'cause I wanna impress the hubby. I'm trying to get him to get his license so the RE bet is on (LMAO).

Will Wordy C win it? How can I not with Rainers like you guys at my disposal (ROTFL). :-)

Wanna see what happens if you put a bunch of fun Rainers on a project from multiple states? Hmm... I bet you do. Stay tuned... I will be invading a couple of states to collect some interesting closing escrow eye candy (LOL). Mikey's first social media closing is going to be a real hoot.

I wonder what mine will be like when I get around to it... Yup. Investing the Donald Trump way (LOL). Hope my offer doesn't get the shotgun treatment (LMAO).

In the meantime I have to finish Karen's music spam before my e-mail blows up. Yeah, I know, it's been a couple of days. How dare I work and interfere with my blogging schedule (LOL). Promises, promises... gotta keep the promises. Especially when the projects are mad fun and silly (LOL).

Time to go to work. Will be lurking... ;-)

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Comment balloon 16 commentsC Tann-Starr • October 30 2009 07:06AM
Big Daddy Minion Is On The Prowl For A House
Which has me completely distracted (LOL). Being a smart Rainer, I asked two smarter Rainers to rep the hubby. :-) I believe in hiring professionals and getting the hell out of their way once I retain 'em and ask for help. When we are done it… more
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