September 2011

The Fall Agenda...

The Fall Agenda...

I am going to be running amok with some very interesting professionals when not playing with hubby and the wee people at home. The shorties may be coming with me on a couple of excursions because we have to get back to doing Life With Wee People. I've been asking the boys to make a bucket list of the people, places and things the wee people would like to devote some play time to. The Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon is a must do. So is the Smithsonian.

Stephen has been mad fun chatting about his fave book covers so I have to start researching collecting author swag from young adult and children writers. He also has expressed an interest in meeting Candice A Donofrio's dog (LOL). Nothing like a 5 year old to inspire you to do AZ and Vegas, eh? I believe it was the ship in front of the casino that caught his eye and started his 5 things to do in Vegas list (LOL). There are a bunch of really cool people to catch up with in AZ so I'm looking forward to that bit of social media mischief.

I was going anyway for business but now it's a very high little minion vacation priority.

P.S. Shorty has been on Skype inviting people to come for a sleep over so I guess I have to take the boys and hubby on a guest room shopping spree when I get back to FL (because friends actually said yes and contacted me with their wee people itinerary - LOL). I'm thrilled about having the creative company and am scheduling their vacation dates now so I'm actually home for the blessed events. I run around a lot so I have to write these things down and program my Android (LOL). Think blog fest on steroids because the shorties like helping pick out the post pictures and will be taking my writing guests over because that's what they do (evil grin). I'm looking forward to it (and yes, that was me warning you guys on the short list you will be dragged off to Walmart. Stephen will expect it - silly grin). ;-)

I have an author swag agenda as well as the boys and will be posting a Wordy C monster book club post soon. I have been embedding links for days on end and chasing updates from my social media writing peeps. My bookies have been yelling at me for sitting on this post but it's not done yet. It needs more pictures and a smear of facetious Ebonics because it's Comic Con 2011 (and I have to tease people - it's what I do - LOL).

FYI: A bunch of us are going to NYCC. Some of us are also hooking up for a couple of ActiveRain road trips that includes hanging with the TX Club Chaos bloggers while on a week long Pajama Party with Melodious; mooning over Jaye Wells and Vicki Pettersson at Readers and Ritas 2011; lunching with Missy Caulk in Ann Arbor and going to a Kim Harrison book signing... There's a gallery show or two scheduled in there and a couple of black tie affairs too...

Yeah, I know I'm going to NYCC and KH will be there. Why do the book signing? Um... well... Dude, you can never have too much Kim Harrison swag. Seriously... (LOL) ;-)

Besides, the company and eye candy will be mad fun to collect and enjoy because these are really cool, fabulously talented social media peeps.




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