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If You Knew The Names Of The People Who Have Passed Through Here You'd Have A Cosmic Cow Pie

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2009


If You Knew The Names Of The People Who Have Passed Through Here You'd Have A Cosmic Cow Pie... I've said it once and I will say it again: don't squander your social media opportunities people. Being a Raindexed writer got me here...

It all started when I agreed to run a business errand for someone out of state. I help them out from time to time and they have sent me to some very interesting places. We have a lovely working relationship and they found me right here on ActiveRain. Seriously... They were not looking for me per se. They were simply looking for independent contractors to cover specific geographical areas. As a Paralegal and Notary I thought it would be cool and interesting so I took the gig and made a couple of new friends. :-)

Sometimes, depending upon the assignment or if parking appears to be a possible issue, I will try to get someone to come with me. When you run around as much as I do you always want to let someone know where you are, where you are going next and what you plan to be doing or where you plan to be next.

I remember casually asking my gal pal Susana if she wanted to go with me to a recording studio. She opted to run a personal errand instead so I called the hubby next. He was taking the little minions to the park and didn't think we should unleash them around professional musicians (LOL). Since there are not too many people I trust with my personal business, I remember thinking, "Oh well... I'm on my own... No biggie... I'll grab the laptop, pick an outside office, do a blog post, run my errand, pick up my buddy and do the Wordy C things that I do to amuse myself between making money, trying to make money and complaining about not making money." That was an actual thought people (LOL). I have conversations with the cartoons in my head all the time, which I find very amusing but I digress (LOL).

That was the original plan... At least until I actually walked through the doors of this fabulous recording studio. Oh... my... word... Stepping from a nondescript industrial park warehouse stairwell through that steel door was like a Twilight Zone moment for me (ROTFL). This place is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful....

Imagine Wordy C standing there staring at a handcrafted, beautifully framed triple platinum CD collection of Pink.

I'm talking PINK as in have you ever heard the songs Sober and Lady Marmalade? Yeah bay-bays, I'm talking that Pink. I am a huge fan. Mega iTunes addict concerning her work (LOL). Rihanna was up on the wall too! You know: Please Don't Stop The Music? Take A Bow? Unfaithful? Yes, I am a Rihanna fan as well so being there was quite a treat. They only take clients from major recording labels and all the studios were in use. Yay! I was very careful not to disturb a single soul there. When you are a guest at someone else's business you have to respect other peoples privacy and their time. I enjoyed my little visit and hope one day I will have another opportunity to visit again. I felt like a tourist looking at the gold and platinum records on the studio walls and very nicely framed magazine articles. Kind of like when you go to Disney for the first time or a Hall of Fame. 

Speechless? You betcha' because I am a huge Pink fan! Ask the people who are serious about Elvis what it feels like to get a peek behind the scenes of where they do or did their stuff. Seriously... For thirty whole seconds my brain wouldn't power. Then the silent stuttering began because I like collectibles and recognize the value and achievements presented there. Kid in a candy store happy? You betcha! In spades (LMAO). What can I say? The place is awe inspiring if you are seriously into music. I happen to be seriously into music and art. Just sayin...

Was I tempted to do one of those wordless posts and show off lots of eye candy? Yeah... but we all know Wordy C is wordy so stop playing yourselves and settle in for the remainder of this conversation because we are almost done (LOL).

Don't ask me where I am or where I was because I am not going to tell you for privacy and security reasons. This is a very special place that I got to visit and my friends kept telling me I should share such a pleasurable moment in my blogging life. The fact that I actually had a scheduled appointment to be there and meet with one of the most gracious men I have ever had the pleasure to meet in the music recording industry is amazing to me. His name is Peter Benjamin. He put me right at ease and was kind enough to give me a brief yet fascinating overview of what they do there and how the major record labels operate. What a nice man and stellar business owner. What a beautiful atmosphere to make a living in...

Did I mention I am really having a lot of fun being an ActiveRain Ambassador? I am you know...I appreciate being part of the program.

To think all of it started from being a Rainmaker blogging on this network. The Cosmic Cow Pie gang is all about connecting the dots. If you are not Raindexed you really don't know what you are missing. You have no idea who is reading you out of those approximately 2.2 million people per month. My advice? Go e-mail an Ambassador of your choice and get some help setting up your Outside Blogs so the public can find you and your friends. Friends have a way of opening doors for you when you least expect it.

Do I think being a Rainmaker is worth it? Of course it is. All Ambassadors are Rainmakers (LOL). 

My three Raindexed blogs got me in to see this. Imagine what your Outside blogs will do for you... Did I mention the moment was awe inspiring and absolutely priceless? I think I did (LOL). Enjoy the eye candy. I do have more. I'm just hoarding it (LOL). ;-)


Carolyn Tann-Starr 2009

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2009

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2009

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2009

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2009

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2009





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If You Knew The Names Of The People Who Have Passed Through Here You…
If You Knew The Names Of The People Who Have Passed Through Here You'd Have A Cosmic Cow Pie… I've said it once and I will say it again: don't squander your social media opportunities people Being a Raindexed writer got me here… more