Puffer Fish, Moon Jelly Fish and an Octopus at the Seattle Aquarium

Puffer Fish, Moon Jelly Fish and an Octopus at the Seattle Aquarium

Well, I have lost the count of the number of offers I received yesterday but they continued to arrive. Proof, once again, that all I have to do is go out of town. I have learned one thing from this experience. When we go to Yellowstone National Park, I will hire another agent to answer the phone, process paperwork and handle negotiations for me because yesterday was a bit overwhelming.

As I stood in the center of the Seattle Aquarium, trying to maneuever into a quiet spot to talk with a lender, some kid ran into me, shrieking about the octopus feeding. I shot a photo of the octopus, but I emailed the wrong photo to myself, so this picture of the puffer fish will need to suffice:

puffer fish

I shot that photo with my BlackBerry camera. If I had brought my Nikon, it would have better photo quality. The Seattle Aquarium is amazing. While it's mostly geared toward kids, it was still a lot of fun. There are several tidepool exhibits where they encourage you to actually touch the stuff in it. With one finger and very gently. I had no idea that uni spines were so hard. You could probably break your foot, not just pierce it, if you stepped on one in the ocean.

Below is another picture:moon jelly fish

This is a moon jelly fish. I think it's pooping. These were floating in a gigantic glass arbor over my head and passing by a couple of light sources in the glass structure on either side so you could see them better illuminated. They don't have those long dangly things but instead shoot out hundreds of fine fiber hairs about two- to three-inches long. One of the kids standing by me said he would like to have this exhibit installed over his bed. I could imagine myself counting jelly fish instead of sheep.

I also found myself totally charmed by the sea otters. They live such a life of leisure, twirling about in the water without a care in the world. One of them found a piece of a shellfish and was swimming around on his back, resting the shell bits on its stomach while feeding his face with both hands. Paws? Fins? Then he wiped his face with a quick swipe.

It was sort of chilly in Seattle yesterday. That's why Starbucks was started, I suppose. People need a hot beverage to warm them up. The sun came out about 4:00, and it was actually pretty nice, warm enough to go outside without a sweater.

We stopped at a sausage place to get a sampling of meat products. Some famous place my husband found, Salumi. They make all kinds of salami and a couple of really spicy ones. While we waited in line, I spoke with a woman behind me. She said over the past 12 months, it had rained in Seattle more than 340 days. But my husband said the wettest place in North America is probably somewhere in Alaska which gets 300 days of rain, so that can't be true.

Photos: Elizabeth Weintraub

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Great pics Elizabeth.  I used to live in Seattle and it just feels like it rains 340 days a year!  Summers are great and the sun sets a little later than what us Bay Area folks are used to. ~ Doug

Posted by Doug Anderson, Bay Area Real Estate Views (Tucker Associates Real Estate Services) over 9 years ago

It still amazes me that our phones can take pictures that turn out pretty good. I love aquariums and would love to visit the Seattle Aquarium one day.

Posted by Terrie Leighton, Reno Real Estate Agent ~ Selling Homes in Reno (Ferrari-Lund Real Estate ) over 9 years ago


I too found on my recent trip to Portland that my phone was an amazing at taking pictures. I need to have someone watch your transactions and listings so you can have some well deserved time off...I hope you have a wonderful time in our state!

Posted by Lori Churchill Cofer, Realtor - 509-330-0086 - Pullman, WA (Beasley Realty) over 9 years ago

I think Seattle is just dreary.  Their rains are probably not very heavy.  I was shocked when I went there on vacation to learn that Washington, DC gets more rainfall per yer than Seattle.  It just rains buckets for a few days and that's the equivalent of manybe a couple months of misty shower...if you can even call it that.  I suppose, then, that both statments are true.  The rainest place being Alaska and Seattle having 340 "rain" days. 

Posted by Chris Ann Cleland, Associate Broker, Bristow, VA (Long and Foster REALTORS®, Gainesville, VA) over 9 years ago

I couldn't imagine that I would like living in a rainy location for too long. We had a bit last night and it was just enough to keep me from watering flowers today! Yippee!!

Posted by Lizette Fitzpatrick, Lizette Realty, Lexington KY MLS - Kentucky Homes (Lizette Realty - Richmond KY) over 9 years ago

Elizabeth, This is the second post that I read in the last 5 minutes that mentioned poop! Ha-ha! Anyway, I prefer a drier climate, all that humidity gets a bit overwhelming. Thanks for sharing the photos and I hope you enjoy your vacation!

Posted by Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - Wanda Can!, So Utah Residential, Referral & Relocation REALTOR (Prado Real Estate South) over 9 years ago

It's not the rain I mind so much as the gloomy days. I actually welcome a summer rain shower, not that I would know what that is living in Sacramento where it never rains in the summer.

sacramento short sale agent

Posted by Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Realtor Top 1%, Put 40 years of experience to work for you (RE/MAX Gold) over 9 years ago

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