Help, My Computer is on Fire

Help, My Computer is on Fire

I'd like to say that I play computer games to bridge "down" time, but that would be a lie. As a Sacramento short sale agent, I don't have any free time during the week. I work my butt off from Monday to Friday, typically from 5 AM to 7 PM. Yup, I put in 14-hour days / 70-hour weeks on selling Sacramento short sales.

On Saturday, I write several articles and a handful of blogs at my second job, for which I am paid by the New York Times. Not everybody can work at this pace, but it works for me. If I want to take off Saturday, I schedule my articles and blogs for my homebuying site into the work week. But I never lose focus of my primary job, which is to sell Sacramento short sales.

I take off Sundays. It doesn't mean I don't leave my phone on but I don't always answer my phone. That's because most of the calls I get on Sundays are from people who stutter, stammer, get all freaked out that a real estate agent pressed the answer button, and they can't talk and they don't know where they are, and well, they're just plain irritating, if you want to know the truth. So, I forward these calls to my team members who have the patience to deal with these guys.

Sometimes, on Sundays I play computer games. I sometimes play computer games during the week, too, to relieve stress. If you don't think selling Sacramento short sales is stressful, you would be wrong in that assumption. You can't always avoid stress, but it is possible to manage stress. Another great stress reliever is to go out into the yard and pull weeds, although not nearly as enjoyable as computer games. I will have you know that I am a master at many computer games -- Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle, and Zuma.

Yesterday, I heard a crackling sound. At first, I thought it was water running in my neighbor's yard, but her sprinkler wasn't on. Then I considered it was something going on inside my can of Diet Pepsi, which was sitting on my desk. But no, it was my computer. It sounded like it was on fire. I peered inside the casing, and I could see a bright red light reflecting off the side of my Mac Pro. This was new to me. There wasn't a red light there before.

Is it hot? No, it doesn't feel hot. OMG, what if it shorts out? I ran to get my husband. Help, help, my computer is on fire!!! He peered at it. Then, he looked at my monitor. "What happens if you turn down the volume on your Peggle Nights?"

Duh. There is a fire crackling on the home menu page of Peggle Nights.

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Elizabeth, you are a hoot. I would have never figured you for a computer game player, but then again, why not.

Posted by Terri Poehler, Coral Springs Real Estate Agent (Realtor) almost 8 years ago

Computer games are great stress releivers but not if they fry your computer.  Glad it was only a peggle nights fire.

Posted by Lora "Leah" Stern 914-772-4528, Real Estate Salesperson (Coldwell Banker, 170 N Main Street, New City NY 10956) almost 8 years ago

Hey Terri: Why wouldn't I play computer games? I'm one of those people who hasn't quite figured out what she wants to be when she grows up because it would mean that I would have to grow up. I might be turning 60 next year, but that doesn't make me old. Not by a long shot.

Hi Leah: Boy, you're telling me. I was really worried that I'd have to try to type on my laptop, and I hate typing on my laptop. That was actually my first thought.

Posted by Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Realtor Top 1%, Put 40 years of experience to work for you (RE/MAX Gold) almost 8 years ago

Whew!  that was close call Elizabeth. I'm glad your husband figured it out before you reached for the fire extinguisher :-)

Posted by Mary Douglas, REALTOR, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado (United Country Ponderosa Realty, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado) almost 8 years ago

I don't know a peggle fire from a forest fire because I don't play any of those games.  My stress relief comes from a fine cigar.

Posted by Morris Massre, Real Estate Instructor Broward County Florida almost 8 years ago
I've had some duh moments too. At the pace you keep, it's bound to happen once in awhile.
Posted by Melissa Zavala, Broker, Escondido Real Estate, San Diego County (Broadpoint Properties) almost 8 years ago

Hey Elizabeth - Don't ya just hate when that happens:-)  Every once in awhile I will visit a blog or webpage that has some widget that makes an unusual sound.  For example a couple of months ago I came across one of those pages, that had a clock with the familiar ticking sound.  It sounded like a timebomb and freaked me out.  It was late at night, and when I was just about ready to shut down the computer to keep a "meltdown" from happening, I remembered seeing the little widget.  It's times like that, which make me happy I live alone, so no one else needs to know of my insanity. . .LOL

Posted by Myrl Jeffcoat, Greater Sacramento Real Estate Agent (GreatWest Realty) almost 8 years ago

I've never had the issue of my computer on fire, but I have noticed some blog posts where the video starts immediately and loudly and I have to scroll down the page to find it and turn it off because it's driving me crazy!

Posted by Donna Foerster, Metro Denver Real Estate Agent (HomeSmart Realty Group) almost 8 years ago

Thank God it wasn't your compy! But, you, being the smart person you are probably has everything backed up on an external hard drive..... right?

Posted by Linda K. Mayer, Realtor, SRES, SoCAL, A REALTOR YOU CAN TRUST (License # 01767321) almost 8 years ago

Hi Mary: My husband often comes to the rescue, although if you asked him he'd find that difficult to believe.

Hi Morris: If I smoked a cigar every time I wanted to relieve stress, my ceilings would be pitch black.

Hi Melissa: When you have a "duh" moment, you've just got to laugh about it.

Hi Myrl: I think that ticking clock webpage is somewhere on ActiveRain because I've run across it too. I'm looking under my desk, leaning my chair back to listen in the next room -- where is that sound coming from? Oh, yeah. Duh.

Hi Donna: Everybody should know how to quickly access the sound on a computer.

Hi Linda: My external drive is working overtime. It's about time to buy another. They don't last very long. I know I should go cloud based but then I'd have to do some kind of engagement, and I want it done automatically.

Posted by Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Realtor Top 1%, Put 40 years of experience to work for you (RE/MAX Gold) almost 8 years ago

Elizabeth, I thought for sure the computer was on fire while reading this post, so glad it wasn't. Some of the games are just tooo complicated for me :-)

Posted by Rebecca Gaujot, Realtor®, Lewisburg WV, the go to agent for all real estate (Vision Quest Realty) almost 8 years ago

That's funny!  Thank goodness for techie husbands.  I don't know what I'd do without mine. 

Posted by Chris Ann Cleland, Associate Broker, Bristow, VA (Long and Foster REALTORS®, Gainesville, VA) almost 8 years ago

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